artikel | 9 mei 2020

A grave for Kavanagh (international version)

“Dying for freedom isn’t the worse that can happen, being forgotten is. ”

We proudly present the international version of ‘A grave for Kavanagh’. A young Canadian with a mission; liberate Europe from the Nazi’s. John Gordon died at 23 while fighting for our freedom. He was burried anonymously. Never received the honor he deserved.

‘Body not recovered’ an official document stated.

‘Died somewhere in Europe’ was all his family ever heard.

Till now. Because in Rha, a little Dutch village they know how he died. This documentary tells the story about a Canadian war hero and the gathered struggle of family and villagers to give him the honor he deserves in: a grave for Kavanagh

Here you can watch the story.

A grave for Kavanagh

We hope you will enjoy.

Bart Nijpels & Ton Vanderplas

Produced by:

TinTin & Sting like bee